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Milwaukee Magazine Explores How Tech Colleges Work to Close Wisconsin's Skills Gap

Photo by James Stukenberg/Milwaukee Magazine
Technical colleges including MATC's Milwaukee campuses are reaching out to students as young as middle and high school, to get them interested in robotics and other growing tech fields.

As technology develops, the “world of work” is trying to keep up. And one unlikely hero has been quietly working to fill that gap: technical colleges.

As a state that once was a leader in manufacturing and factory jobs, Wisconsin has experienced the rapid pace of economic change firsthand. Like many other job markets, Wisconsin now faces a skills gap.

And tech colleges, traditionally known and created to train for careers in the blue-collar trades, have made moves over the past several years to expand their role, creating programs for newer, middle-skill positions.

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Milwaukee Magazine contributor Erik Gunn took a deep-dive into this aspect of Wisconsin’s technical college system for the magazine’s August issue.

“In some ways, I think it’s a rediscovery of the role that tech schools can play,” Gunn says. “They’re training people in new technologies that are directly supplanting the old technologies.”