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'At The End Of The War,' Explores Spirituality Through Poetry

Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, is generally considered the holiest day of the year in Judiasm. Years ago, it was a day that might have gone by unnoticed by poet DeWitt Clinton, who was raised a Methodist in Kansas. 

But he came to Judiasm — and other spiritual traditions — later in life, after he was already established as a poet. Clinton's latest book of poetry is called “At the End of the War," and it explores his spirituality in a series of poems, which draws on traditions from Judaism to Hinduism to Stoicism. 

"All those religious and spiritual practices have sort of washed over me. I am a convert to Judaism, but probably to lots of other religious practices as well," he explains. 

Clinton will read from his book at an event at Boswell Book Company, Friday, Sept. 21.