Brexit Consequences and U.S. Parallels

Jun 29, 2016

The historic decision by Britain to leave the European Union has left the world shocked and perplexed. Protests are widespread, a search for a new leader has begun following David Cameron's resignation, and parallels to the United States are hard to ignore. 

"The breaking up of two-party dominance in Britain is quite profound and contrasts with our ability, for better or for worse, to keep a two-party system in place," says Art Cyr, Lake Effect foreign policy contributor. 

The Brexit vote has not only drawn attention to these similiarities, it's also had a direct impact on Americans and the U.S. economy. "We have a very important trade relationship with Britain and with Europe. If protectionism grows, it's our most important political ally and also our most important economic partner," he says. "That will have serious consequences."