Capitol Notes: Trump Barnstorms Wisconsin In The Final Stretch Leading Up To Election

Oct 26, 2020

President Trump worked in another visit to Wisconsin over the weekend. He drew a crowd of about 10,000 people to a rally Saturday night in Waukesha. It was the fifth time since August in which Trump has visited the state. The Waukesha rally was held a week after thousands turned out for a rally in Janesville, and Trump is scheduled to hold another rally near La Crosse on Tuesday. 

In his speech in Waukesha, Trump claimed “we’re rounding the turn” on the coronavirus, while Wisconsin continues to see record numbers of new cases. Democratic nominee Joe Biden again criticized Trump over the weekend for his handling of the coronavirus.

In this week’s Capitol Notes conversation, WUWM's Marti Mikkelson asked JR Ross of how he thinks Wisconsin voters are receiving Trump’s message as they watch COVID-19 numbers climb.