Series Of Events At Marquette Will Look At Interconnectivity Of Race, Trauma & Recovery

Sep 20, 2018

Several Milwaukee institutions and organizations are coming together to bring attention to the interconnection of race, trauma and recovery in the community. 

Ahead of a public gathering and professional conference, Marquette University will also bring together experts in the field for a panel discussion on generational stress and trauma. Writer Zach Brooke's article in this month's Milwaukee Magazine explains Marquette's interest in the field, which can be partly traced to the man leading the university: President Michael Lovell. 

"The work that he is doing in tandem through his wife at the university cuts to the core of trauma-informed research in the city. What they’re building together, really, is uniting people in ways that haven’t happened to this point, at this level," says Brooke. 

The panel discussion is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 25, followed by a public gathering to discuss the issue on Wednesday, Sept. 26, and a professional conference on Thursday and Friday.