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Each month, Milwaukee Record's Matt Wild shares some of the best, new releases from local musicians.

Milwaukee Music Roundup: The Quilz, Jon Henry, Paper Holland, Fox Face

The Quilz, Jon Henry, Paper Holland, Fox Face
This Milwaukee Music Roundup features The Quilz, Jon Henry, Paper Holland, Fox Face

Fall is in the air and the pumpkin spice is brewing, and as always, Milwaukee musicians are putting out some great tunes.

Every month, Milwaukee Record co-founder Matt Wild compiles a list of some of the best recent releases from local musicians and shares a few of those songs.

Here's the music roundup for October 2022:

1. I Can't Sleep by The Quilz

"It's this great dance kind of track. It is kind of a dark new wavy, slightly gothy, kind of sound, which makes it perfect for this season," says Wild. "And I think, you know, they do a terrific job.

2. All U Touch & All U See by Jon Henry

"It is just a kind of self-shot video with John Henry kind of hustling around," says Wild. "Going to all these locations, playing, setting up shop in the Deer District, playing shows at Cactus Club... It really shows like his hustle and his like dedication, and it really shows off a lot of great Milwaukee locations."

3. What To Wear by Paper Holland

"It's a really catchy song that just kind of gets in your head, it's kind of a, I don't know if you want to call it an ode to climate change, but it's kind of a cheeky song about climate change and not knowing what to wear these days," says Wild.

4. Vessels by Fox Face

"It is a reproductive rights benefit compilation of a bunch of Milwaukee and Chicago artists. It is called oh SCOTUS up yours in response, of course, to the recent SCOTUS reversal of Roe V. Wade," says Wild.

Joy Powers is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.
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