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Wisconsin's presidential primary and spring general election is April 2, 2024. Here's a guide on Milwaukee-area candidates and information on how to vote.

Wisconsin April 2024 election results

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Here you can find Wisconsin election results for the presidential preference primary and the spring general election.

Here are the 2024 Wisconsin presidential preference primary and spring general election results.

Projected winners will be marked with an asterisk.

Milwaukee County

County Executive

Ieshuh Griffin

David C. Crowley *

County Comptroller

Liz Sumner *

Michael S. Harper

Circuit Court Judge Branch 43

Rochelle N. Johnson-Bent

Marisabel Cabrera *

County Board Supervisors

District 1

Anne O’Connor *

District 2

Willie Johnson, Jr. *

District 3

Sheldon A. Wasserman *

Alexander Kostal

District 4

Ron Jansen

Jack Eckblad *

District 5

Sequanna Taylor *

District 6

Shawn Rolland *

District 7

Felesia Martin *

District 8

Steven Shea *

District 9

Patti Logsdon *

Danelle Kenney

District 10

Marcelia Nicholson *

District 11

Kathleen Vincent *

District 12

Juan Miguel Martinez *

District 13

Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones *

District 14

Caroline Gómez-Tom *

Angel Sanchez

District 15

Sky Z. Capriolo *

District 16

Justin Bielinski *

District 17

Steve F. Taylor *

District 18

Deanna Alexander *

Brandon M. Williford

City of Milwaukee


Cavalier Johnson *

David D. King

City Attorney

T. Spencer

Evan Goyke *

City Comptroller

Gregory L. Gracz

Bill Christianson *

Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum: Shall the Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee and Washington Counties, Wisconsin be authorized to exceed the revenue limit specified in Section 121.91, Wisconsin Statutes, by $140 million for the 2024-2025 school year; by an additional $51 million for the 2025-2026 school year; by an additional $47 million for the 2026-2027 school year; and by an additional $14 million (for a total of $252 million) for the 2027-2028 school year and thereafter, for the recurring purposes of sustaining educational programming, including offering career and technical education programs, attracting and retaining certified educators, and further improving art, music, physical education and language programs?



Common Council

District 1

Andrea Pratt *

District 2

Mark Chambers, Jr.

District 3

Jonathan Brostoff *

Ieshuh Griffin

District 4

Robert Bauman *

Rayhainio Boynes

District 5

Lamont Westmoreland *

Bruce Winter

District 6

Milele Coggs *

Brandon R. Payton

District 7

Jessica Currie

DiAndre Jackson *

District 8

Ryan Antczak

JoCasta Zamarripa *

District 9

Laressa Taylor *

District 10

Richard Geldon

Sharlen Moore *

District 11

Peter Burgelis *

Josh Zepnick

District 12

José Pérez *

District 13

Scott Spiker *

District 14

Marina Dimitrijevic *

District 15

Russell W. Stamper II *

Wauwatosa Mayor

Dennis McBride *

Andrew Meindl

West Allis Mayor

Dan Devine *

AmyRose Murphy

Elmbrook School Board

Area IV Seat

Jean Lambert *

Peter Machi

At-Large Seat

Mary Wacker *

Nicole L. Hunker

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