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Capitol Notes: Lasry Posts Significant Early Fundraising Numbers Ahead Of Next Year's Wisconsin U.S. Senate Race

Marti Mikkelson and JR Ross discuss next year's U.S. Senate seat race in Wisconsin.

The stakes are high in the race for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seat next year, as Republican incumbent Ron Johnson decides whether to bid for a third term. Milwaukee Bucks Executive Alex Lasry, who is running as a Democrat, says his campaign has raised $1 million since he got into the race in mid-February.

In this week’s Capitol Notes, WUWM’s Marti Mikkelson asks JR Ross of if he thinks Lasry could make a serious run against Sen. Johnson, if the Republican seeks reelection next year.

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Marti, a Waukesha native, joined the WUWM news team in February of 1999. She is also host of WUWM's weekly political podcast, Capitol Notes.