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Bucks, Badgers, Packers - It's Good To Be A Wisconsin Sports Fan

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Last weekend, the Green Bay Packers got through the closest game they’ve played in a while. 

Playing in front of the Packer faithful at Lambeau Field, they beat the New England Patriots in a game that many believe could be a preview of this season’s Super Bowl.

The Packers are at home Monday night to play the Atlanta Falcons. But before that game happens, there are a bunch of other games that will attract attention in Wisconsin. 

Lake Effect's sports contributor HowieMagner gives a preview of this weekend's games - from the Bucks to Marquette's Golden Eagles.

When it comes to the Badger / Marquette basketball on Saturday, Magner says, "Wisconsin cannot overlook them, especially in a rivalry game like this. You know Marquette's going to be fired up. They're gonna play that underdog card to the hilt, and I think it's going to be a much better game than people are expecting."

Howie Magner writes the sports nut column for Milwaukee Magazine’s website, and he’s senior editor at the magazine. 

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