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Where to Find Milwaukee's Best Sandwiches

Chris Kessler
Milwaukee Magazine

What makes a sandwich? Does it need two slices of bread? Amidst the deep philosophical question of what makes a true sandwich, Milwaukee Magazine senior editor and dining critic Ann Christenson wrote the magazine’s May cover story on the best sandwiches in town.

Here's a few highlights from Christenson's list:

Best lobster roll: Buckley's Restaurant & Bar

"Part of it is that split top bun that is buttery and holds onto that mayo-laden lobster. It's just kind of the perfect combination."

"The Widow Maker" (complete with cheese whiz and bacon): Fratelli's Pizza Cafe

"This is kind of like Italian beef on goes to levels that you almost don't think you should go to, but once you start eating almost feel bad for thinking it's good because it's just so wrong in some ways."

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Sandwich: Comet Cafe

"That sandwich is really not something you can pick up, it's more of a knife and fork type of thing...It takes a sandwich and puts it in sort of a different form, but it's no less a sandwich. It has all those components...and ridiculously glutinous too."

Banh Mi: Xankia

Credit Xankia /
Xankia offers a variety of Banh Mi sandwiches including grilled pork, meatball, roasted chicken, grilled steak, and tofu (to name a few).

"They have some really terrific Banh Mi, and that's a place where you can get pork, beef, chicken,vegetarian - their sandwiches are really delicious."

Buttafuoco Sandwich: Fuel Cafe

"When you think of mayo and cheese and lettuce, it all sounds kind of remotely disgusting, but it's actually really great."

Credit Adam Ryan Morris / Milwaukee Magazine
Milwaukee Magazine
Palomino's biscuit sliders include pimento cheese and bacon; sausage and fruit jam; and smoked pork and mustard.

Biscuit Sliders: Palomino

"It's just so over the top, but they're so good. They're not breakfast sandwiches, these are on the menu anytime, you can have them for dinner."

Meatball Sandwich: Classic Slice

"The meatball sandwich at Classic Slice was remarkably good. I knew they were making their own bread and meatballs, but I guess I just didn't expect the combination to be as good as it was."

Credit McBob's Pub & Grill /
Reuben sandwich heaven can be found at McBob's Pub & Grill on North Avenue in Milwaukee.

Reuben Sandwich: A special assignment for Milwaukee Magazine's Claire Hanan - she sampled thirteen different sandwiches in Milwaukee to try and find the one that would result in a "metaphysical experience." The tasty adventure took her to places such as the Hairy Lemon Irish Pub, Jake's Deli, Benji's Deli, Rochester Deli, and Hanan's favorite: the Reuben at McBob's Pub & Grill.

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