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Wisconsin Sports Teams are Building for Future Seasons

Mike McGinnis
Getty Images
Jonathan Lucroy #20 of the Milwaukee Brewers hits a RBI single scoring the Elian Hererra in the second inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Miller Park on September 01, 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Even though we don’t have the Packers to watch any more this season, there’s been a lot to take in – and discuss – in recent days regarding sports in Wisconsin.

Veteran catcher, Jonathan Lucroy, made waves this week when he suggested that a trade could be the best thing for him and the Brewers. Some believe Lucroy is asking for a trade, while others felt the conceit could decrease his value as a player.

“Let’s be very clear. Jonathan Lucroy is not demanding a trade, he’s simply laying out the situation as it is,” says sports contributor Howie Magner. “But a lot of people have misconstrued it as Lucroy demanding a trade or Lucroy being tired of Milwaukee and wanting out.”

The Packers are out of the playoffs after a two-game run, and already the team is looking ahead to next season. “Blanket statement - the Packers need to be healthier next year to do well,” says Magner.

Management has said running back Eddie Lacy has to come in at a lower playing weight and wide receiver Jordy Nelson has to be healthier for the team to succeed next year.

“I think people learned this year just how valuable Jordy Nelson was to the offense,” says Magner.

The Bucks are on a winning run, and it looks like the team is starting to figure things out. But Magner cautions not to expect big win totals this year. “This is still a young team, and still a developing team,” he says. “That they started out as slow as they did, really wasn’t a surprise when you’re keeping the big picture in mind.”

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