Bay View Bridge 'KK Can Opener' Causes Routine Incidents For Truckers

Sep 17, 2019

Cars driving to Bay View from Milwaukee on Kinnickinnic Avenue generally pass unscathed. But vehicles taller than 12-feet 9-inches, aren't so lucky. Along that route is a bridge nicknamed the "KK Can Opener" that's been getting semis and delivery trucks stuck on a regular basis.

"Like a tin can, they get their top ripped off," says Matt Hrodey, writer of "Bay View Truck Eater" in the September issue of Milwaukee Magazine

There are seven total crossings on state highways less than 13-feet 9-inches tall. Hrodey notes that five are in the Bay View area, including the notorious "KK Can Opener." 

Hrodey describes Bay View as a "bear trap" for trucks and says there not a lot of good options to fix the problem. "Bay View is the locus for the state of Wisconsin for having overpasses that are lower than truckers would expect," Hrodey says.

The bridge even has its own Facebook page called the "KK Can Opener," which gives it a humorous, anthropomorphic personality.