Celebrating Milwaukee's Restaurants: A Homegrown Delicacy

Feb 28, 2014

Milwaukee's fine dining has a lot to offer people who are looking for an exquisite bite to eat.
Credit Inspirational Food, Flickr

Every month we talk with Lake Effect contributor Kyle Cherek about Milwaukee’s, and the rest of Wisconsin’s, great food traditions. Over the last year we’ve covered farmers markets, new restaurants, James Beard nominations and awards that recognize Milwaukee chefs, and more.

Recently, Cherek gave a talk at the University Club in Milwaukee, and we took the opportunity to record this month’s conversation with him there. We sat down on the 6th floor of the Club, overlooking the city that Cherek is so passionate about, to talk about his background and how he became a Wisconsin foodie.

Cherek says we need to do more to celebrate the high quality of our city's restaurants.

"We do it fabulously with festivals, right?" says Cherek. "We do it wonderfully with sports teams. But we don’t do it as a city entity that puts forth amazing cuisine our way."

Lake Effect contributor Kyle Cherek is host and producer of the public television show Wisconsin Foodie. This month we spoke to him from the 6th floor of the University Club.