Milwaukee Magazine's Guide To City Biking

Apr 1, 2015

Temperatures are expected to stay mild this weekend.  And like mole people, many of us will emerge from our dark spaces to enjoy the springtime.  Maybe it’ll be a good weekend to tune up your bicycle for the warm weather.

The cover story this month in Milwaukee Magazine is all about bikes in this city – where to ride them, how to fix them, and even what to wear.  Managing editor Tim McCormick told Lake Effect's Bonnie North it’s the first time the magazine is exploring bike culture in such depth as a result from the increased use of bicycles in the city, and of people's interest in making Milwaukee more cycle-friendly.

"You're starting to see more people that are using a cycle as a replacement for their car. They're commuting in to work, they're using for a grocery-getter to get their shopping done for the week, and we're seeing more bike lanes."