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Nov. 11 was originally called Armistice Day as a formal commemoration of the end of World War I. We now know it as Veterans Day — a day to recognize, honor and thank all who have served in the United States Armed Forces.


One of the many joys of art is that it allows us to experience the world through someone else's lens. It's a form of communication that encourages you to consider other points of view, perspectives or experiences.

Lance Owens is the director of ArtWorking, an organization that guides individuals with developmental and intellectual challenges along the path of generating income through art.

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The Milwaukee Art Museum’s current exhibit, Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America explores the work of some 40 designers who integrated concepts like playfulness and fun into their work for corporations, home interiors, and — yes, children.

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President Trump this week was expected to name an appointee to represent the US at the United Nations. That comes in the wake of Nikki Haley’s resignation of her post as US Ambassador to the UN, who is stepping down at the end of 2018. Tensions are high in many countries around the world ,and renewed nationalist sentiments in many nations could make 2019 a pivotal year for the UN.

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Unemployment numbers have reached historic lows in many places in Wisconsin, though income growth has not always kept pace.

However, even with what economists would term “full employment,” there are some people who still find it hard to find work. That’s the case with adults with autism spectrum disorders. Studies indicate around 90 percent of people on the spectrum in the Milwaukee area are unemployed or underemployed.

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Some races in Wisconsin's midterm elections were predictable, while others saw votes counted well into the morning. Tony Evers unseated two-term Republican Gov. Scott Walker in a neck and neck race, Tammy Baldwin retained her U.S. Senate seat and Paul Ryan's 1st Congressional Seat remains in Republican hands.

>> Wisconsin Election Results — 2018 Midterm Elections

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Over the past three decades, Wisconsin’s state prison population has increased by more than 200 percent, and it’s expected to keep growing. According to a brief by the Wisconsin Policy Forum, that growing number will also lead to a growing budget.

The Department of Corrections is asking for an additional $149.4 million in its 2019-2021 budget. David Callender from the Policy Forum says, the increase will directly impact Wisconsin taxpayers.

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Chip Duncan has made a lot of films under difficult circumstances. The Milwaukee based documentarian and photographer has filmed in Afghanistan, from the top of a melting glacier, and from earthquake-ravaged Haiti. But his most recent documentary, The First Patient, took more than 15 years to make and explores the profound experience of working with the human body. 

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From Much Ado About Nothing and The Taming of the Shrew, to King Lear and Othello, Shakespeare continually mined gender and power dynamics in his plays. These themes also show up in some of his lesser-known plays like Cymbeline, which is on stage at UW-Milwaukee's Peck School of the Arts' Kenilworth Five-0-Eight.

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The upcoming week is a big one, for Ex Fabula and the entire country. Wisconsinites will head to the polls for the midterm elections on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Just after Election Day, Ex Fabula will hold our second Friday StorySlam of Season 10. The stories in this week's show are just a warm-up for the, Caught in the Act StorySlam. 

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The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Haggerty Museum of Art have convened a symposium on art and social issues, focusing specifically on criminal justice reform.

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Election Day is right around the corner here in the U.S. But Nov. 6 isn't just a day of civic engagement here in Milwaukee. It's also the day that the creator of Freaks and Geeks and The 40-Year-Old Virgin brings his stand-up routine to the Turner Hall Ballroom.

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This weekend marks Week 9 of the NFL season. And for football fans in Wisconsin and New England, Sunday night has been starred on the calendar for a long time.

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A unique group of people is coming together to examine criminal justice reform in a novel way. The Milwaukee Model is a symposium organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Haggerty Museum of Art. The goal is to explore how arts and education programming can play a role in changing attitudes toward prison, prisoners, and criminal justice. 

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The anti-communist “Red Scare” of mid-20th century has been a stain on U.S. history, and one with roots in Wisconsin. Sen. Joseph McCarthy is often thought of as the face of the era, as a result of his claims that he had a list of communists that had infiltrated the U.S. government.