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Milwaukee Music Roundup: REYNA, Chit Chat, Carlyle, Tyler Chicorel + Ashley Smith

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REYNA, Chit Chat, Carlyle, Tyler Chicorel + Ashley Smith
From left to right: REYNA, Chit Chat, Carlyle, Tyler Chicorel + Ashley Smith

It’s the start of a new year, but before we look at what’s to come, we want to celebrate what happened in the year that was 2021. Despite the pandemic, Milwaukee musicians came out with great new songs and albums, and Matt Wild has been listening.

Wild is one of the co-founders of Milwaukee Record, and every month he shares a sample of what he’s been listening to for the Milwaukee Music Roundup. This month, he looks back at new music from December and some of the best songs of 2021.

Home Alone

"Every six months, they pop up out of nowhere and release just one incredible song, and weirdly I don't know that they've ever released like a proper album or EP. They're definitely a singles band, and they always put out terrific singles. This one is no different," says Wild.

Chit Chat

"This is such a great song and really speaks to Harrison's power as a songwriter. He's one of my favorite songwriters in Milwaukee, and he just hits it out of the park every time," says Wild.

When You Fall In Love

"[When You Fall In Love] is kind of a heartbroken record. It is not a real peppy, happy record. It seems like a record you would put on kind of late at night, maybe with a drink, and you're just kind of sitting by yourself kind of mulling over old relationships, and old heartbreaks and things like that, " says Wild.

Tyler Chicorel + Ashley Smith
Give It All Away

"[Give It All Away] is just fantastic. I love it. It's just such a catchy song. There's sleigh bells, Santa appears in the middle of it, it's got everything you need," says Wild.

Joy Powers hosts and produces Lake Effect. She joined WUWM in 2016.
Kobe Brown is WUWM's Eric Von fellow.
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