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Julie Klausner: The Pop Culture Maven

Julie Klausner.
Mindy Tucker
Julie Klausner.

The constant flow of celebrity scandals, blockbuster films and reality TV shows these days can seem overwhelming — and in some cases, quite trivial. So leave it to comedian Julie Klausner to make pop culture relevant. As the media ambassador for, the entertainment site for New York magazine, Klausner recaps shows like The Real Housewives reality series, makes weekly videos on pop culture topics, and appears on TV to discuss what's taboo and what's worth following. She also writes for Funny or Die's Billy On The Street, a wild, unpredictable online game show. And on her weekly comedy podcast, How Was Your Week, Klausner muses about life in New York City, occasionally sings a few songs and talks about the entertainment business with the likes of Joan Rivers and Fred Armisen, to name a few.

Klausner sat down with host Ophira Eisenberg to chat about why The Real Housewives is appointment television. Klausner knows that many people think the characters don't represent women in a positive light, but she's discovered the show's merit. "I think that the values it holds up are women being loyal to each other, women being 'girls' girls,' as opposed to talking behind about people's back. ... It's about females, friendship and the social dynamics of female relationships."

While Klausner diligently keeps track of the latest trends and hottest shows, she has a soft spot in her heart for the beloved '60s band The Monkees. So in an Ask Me Another Challenge, we quiz Klausner on quirky trivia only a superfan would know, from episode plots of The Monkees television show to a hip-hop cover of one of their singles.

In the video below, Klausner challenges comedian Rob Delaney to some classic board games, like Clue and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

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