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Travels with Frankie Lee


After 15 years on the move, Minneapolis's Frankie Lee has released his first collection of songs. The EP is titled Middle West, and Lee will be performing selections from it this Friday at Anodyne Coffee in Walker's Point. 

"I would rather have one or two good records than fifteen of whatever just came through my mind," says Lee. His high lonesome voice and cosmic country sound have won over many in the region, recently gaining him the "2014's Best Songwriter in Minneapolis" distinction by City Pages.

Lee illustrating to producer Mitch Teich how he set his personal "knee driving record" of 239 miles on I-94.

"It's very awe inspiring to just drive," says Lee. "It's the most cliche thing for a songwriter to say but it really is true." He also shared with Mitch Teich his favorite music to listen to on the road, as well as his thoughts on the folk tradition of passing down stories. "I'm trying to be a link in that chain."

Lee performed the following: 

1. "East Side Blues"

2. "Country"

3. Untitled New Song

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