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Molly Burch Isn't Just A Voice. She's Got The Songwriting Chops To Back It Up.

Molly Burch
Kelly Giarrocco
Courtesy of the artist
Molly Burch

I don't know how to describe what the word smoky means in singing, but I think you know it when you hear it. My guest, Molly Burch, has it in spades. It's no surprise she's a classically-trained jazz vocalist, going to school for it at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, N.C. She's not just a voice though, she's got the songwriting chops to back it up and is not afraid to comment on the sexism she's seen working as a musician.

As a working musician, Burch has been busy as of late. She just announced a 7-inch, Ballads. But when she stopped by the World Cafe, it was to discuss her most recent full-length album,First Flower. Let's get started with a performance of "Wild." Listen in the player.

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