Joy Powers

Lake Effect Producer

Joy Powers joined WUWM January 2016 as a producer for Lake Effect. Most recently, she was a director and producer for Afternoon Shift, on WBEZ-fm, Chicago Public Radio.

Joy grew up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where she started off her career in radio as an intern at WLKG-fm, The Lake. She has worked as an intern with several companies, including SiriusXm, Fujisankei Communications and the Department of City Planning for the City of New York. At SiriusXM, she was a programming intern and helped launch Studio54 Radio.

She earned a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College, Boston, where she worked with several radio and television stations. She was the public affairs director at WERS-fm, and produced the station’s AP-Award Winning program, You Are Here.

» Twitter: @thejoypowers

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As the weather cools and the holidays begin, there's so much to do in the city of Milwaukee. Sorting through the lists of community events can be overwhelming, which is why we turn to Adam Carr. 

Carr is the deputy editor for community engagement at the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service. The news organization covers the central city, which includes a diverse group of neighborhoods on the near north, west, and south sides of Milwaukee. Here are Carr's highlights of a few events taking place in the central city this November:

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More than 2 million people are currently imprisoned in the U.S. Although the country has just 4% of the world's population, it accounts for a quarter of the world's prison population.

So, how did the country get to this place? People point to different pieces of legislation as the main cause for mass incarceration. But researcher Reggie Jackson says it's the result of a complex web of laws and policy decisions that created this issue.

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Although Mandy Patinkin may be best known for his role as Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, the performer’s life has been characterized less by vengeance and far more by his humanitarianism. In addition to his career on Broadway, in Hollywood, and on television, Patinkin has dedicated time to working with refugees and underprivileged Americans — including kids in his hometown, Chicago.

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When Strauss Brands first announced its plan to open a meat packing facility in Milwaukee, there was little fanfare. But as the community learned more about the proposed slaughterhouse, opposition began to mount.

Now, the company has decided to drop its plans for the facility in Century City Business Park and its future remains unclear.

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As the temperatures begin to chill, more people are thinking about finding their snowblower than digging in the garden. But gardening expert and Lake Effect contributor Melinda Myers says there are still things you can do, like composting.

Composting uses organic materials that mix together and decompose. The resulting compost is great for plants and seeds in the garden. 

Different types of composting

If you don't have the time or space to do a lot of composting, sheet composting is a good solution.

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The term "electric bacteria" may bring a lot of images to mind — maybe a post-apocalyptic scenario where electrified bacteria doom our species to extinction. But the reality is more benign and potentially revolutionary.

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The press has always had a somewhat combative relationship with politicians. But in the last few years, things have felt different. What was once a cold war of sorts, has seemingly turned into an all-out brawl, with the president of the United States leading the charge against the fourth estate, referring to them as "the enemy of the people."

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which isn't surprising for most people. The breast cancer awareness movement has been incredibly successful and many organizations have cashed in on it. People can buy everything from t-shirts and mugs, to cookies or makeup sponges, all in the pink hue associated with the movement.

But to some, the pink and pretty elements to this movement belie the painful and sometimes deadly realities of having breast cancer. Dr. Amanda Kong and Dr. Laura Field are two people who regularly deal with breast cancer patients.

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Since President Donald Trump was elected, there has been an increased focus on the fate of undocumented immigrants in the United States. But long before Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency, the U.S. had ramped up deportation efforts. And in 2012, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance decided to fight these deportations from the inside.

Wisconsin-native Jon Phillip is no stranger to Milwaukee. He spent two decades here as a working musician, performing with a variety of groups in the area. He co-founded a record label based in Milwaukee, called The Good Land (a reference to Alice Cooper's line in Wayne's World). 

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The name Parkland — like so many other American cities — has become synonymous with a mass shooting. But in many ways, the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland is different from those that came before it. 

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Although Harry Houdini died nearly a century ago, the famed illusionist and stunt performer is still a household name. Over time myths and legends have become such an integral part of Houdini's life story — even now it can be difficult to figure out fact from fiction.

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It’s believed that Halloween stems from a variety of European cultures — a mix of Christian and Pagan traditions, where the spirits of the dead roam the earth. While modern Halloween celebrations may include more candy than they once did, it's still a time when many choose to reconnect with the spiritual world. 

The website Atlas Obscura, which showcases the world's quirkiest wonders, has only been around for a decade. And in that time, the company has visited and catalogued more than 20,000 places.

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The idea of the American dream is a core part of our national identity. Starting with nothing and working your way up is what many of us believe it means to be an American. But that dream has always been complicated, as Aarti Shahani experienced firsthand.